Chronicle - 2007

March 18

International foundation of A.S.Pushkin. Alexander Pushkin, great-great-grandson of the famous Russian poet, and his wife visited the children's fest in our parish. They are well-known as the founder of the International foundation of A.S.Pushkin. The children's fest has been organised by the Russian school in Leuven.

March 24

Deacon Hildo Bos visited our parish. After the Divine Liturgy, Paul Ivanov, gave a talk about the live of Mary of Egypt.

April 8


May 6

Fr. Alexander Yavarouski served a litia in the Leuven cemetery (Hoofdbegraafplaats), where 5 Russian soldiers have been buried between 1941 and 1944. Memory enternal!

May 13

After the Divine Liturgy, Monseigneur Simon, archbishop of Belgium and Brussels, baptized Alexey Yavarouski, the new-born son of Fr. Alexander Yavarouski.

July 29 - August 4

Fr. Alexander Yavarouski and several our parishioners took part the traditional summer camp for Orthodox children in Putten (the Netherlands).

September 8

Group of our parishioners visited monastery in Aasten (the Netherlands), on the occasion of its patronal festival.

September 15

Paul Ivanov, secretary of our parish, was 60 years of age. He was an acolyte in our parish already in 1970s.

September 23

After the Divine Liturgy, Fr. Alexander Yavarouski and acolytes of our church discussed some practical problems of the services in our church. Paul Ivanov has been elected to be the Superior acolyte.

September 30

Archpriest Silouan Osseel, rector of the Orthodox parish in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) visited our parish, co-celebrated with us the Sunday Liturgy, and during our usual coffee time gave a talk on his name saint St Silouan the Athonite, to whom he is dearly attached. Fr. Silouan is a very interesting person himself.

October 7

A group of our parishioners participated in the Orthodox youth meeting in Brussels. Problems of Orthodoxy in Western Europe and activities of OJB-JOB in the current year have been discussed.

October 14

After the Divine Liturgy, Fr. Alexander Yavarouski introduced Fr. Stefan Barbu to our parishioners. Fr. Stefan is the priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church. He is studying in K.U.Leuven and will be participating in our services during this period, according to the blessing of Monseigneur Simon, archbishop of Belgium and Brussels. Besides Romanian, Fr. Stefan speaks fluently English and French.

November 1

Approximately 15 our parishioners visited monastery in Pervijze for the requiem service for Svetlana Teslenko, which passed away two years ago.

November 4

After the Divine Liturgy, Judith Hermans, our choir leader, gave a talk in English about St Seraphim of Sarov: his life and reception. Victor Yudin assisted her with translation into Russian. The lecture has been timed to the forthcoming Parish fest (November 10), when relics St Seraphim will be brought to our church for veneration.

November 10

Parish fest

On Saturday November 10th, our parish celebrated its main feast - the day of St. Apostle and Evangelist Matthew. By tradition, the Divine Liturgy was presided by Mgr Simon, archbishop of Brussels and Belgium. Many priests and deacons from other Orthodox parishes, including the clergy of our parish – Fr. Alexander Yavarouski and Protodeacon Alexander Kurjatkin, concelebrated to him.

The Episcopal Divine Liturgy was followed by a moleben to St. Serafim of Sarov (part of his relics has been brought to the church on this day). On this occasion, his icon was decorated with a beautiful framework, embroidered by matushka Ekaterina Yavarouskaya.

After the service, Mgr Simon greeted numerous parishioners and guests. "I rarely serve in this church, but each time I visit this place with great pleasure ..." - he said. Mgr Simon has also told about his recent trips to Russia and about visit of Holy Patriarch Alexis II to France October 1-4. He finished his speech by the words: "May the Lord keep you all for the prayers of St. Apostle Matthew and St. Seraphim of Sarov. Lord may bless you! Amen!" In a brief reply, Fr. Alexander Yavarouski thanked Mgr Simon for the warm words and for visiting the community.

As usual, the parish fest was complemented by a meal, cooked by the women of the Parish, and a small concert. Our parish has entered the 5th year of its life...

November 18

Orthodox youth meeting was held in our parish after the Liturgy. The event gathered together about 10 active members of OJB-JOB and was presided by deacon Cyprian (Patriarchate of Constantinople).Organisation issues of the traditional "orthodox youth weekend" (scheduled to the middle of February 2008) have been discussed. The OJB-JOB is currently meeting every month in a different orthodox parish. The idea is to overcome cultural borders and meet simply as young and orthodox. For more updated info: subscribe to the mailing list (highcountries) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

November 25

On November 25, according to the New Style, the Orhtodox Church celebrated the memory of St. martyr Catherine. After the Liturgy, Fr. Alexander Yavarouski greeted the parishioners for whom this was the name day. Matushka Ekaterina Yavarouskaya was one of them.

December 6

On December 6, according to the New Style, the Orhtodox Church celebrated the memory of Saint Nicholas of Myra. Next evening, our parishioner Niclas-Jan gave a small party on the occasion of his name day.

December 25

On December 25, according to the New Style, our church celebrated Christmas. The Divine Liturgy was followed by the children feast (Jolka). The parts of the evangelical story was played by the children themselves; they were dressed as angels, mages, king Herod, and others. There was a special present for the best costume.

Jesaja (Victor Yudin) and Salomea (Judith Hermans) :-)

December 29

On December 29th, Bert Genbrugge and Sophia Tobazidis got married. The ceremony was held in Brussels in Cathedral of the Holy Archangels (Oecumenical Patriarchy). Fr.Alexander Yavarouski and our parishioners greeted the newly wedded couple.

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