Chronicle - 2012

February 9

Alexander Konovaloff gave a presentation about the history of Russian community/church in Leuven. This event took place in the K.U.Leuven philology department, owing to help of K.U.Leuven Center for Russian Studies and personal help of Mr. Maarten Horeman.


February 10-12

Trip to Chevetogne abbey. Photos by Marina Melnikova.


February 25

On February 25, we received new Holy doors painted in the Monastery of St John the Baptist in Essex, England.

May 6

On May 6th Fr. Alexander Yavarouski celebrated a requiem service at the Leuven main cemetery (Hoofdbegraafplaats), commemorating 5 Russian soldiers who were buried here in 1944, as well as a number of Russian emigres resting here also.


July 1 and 22

Vitaly Koissin and Alexander Konovaloff gave a lecture about the history of Russian community/church in Leuven (from 1922 to the present time). The presentation was in Russian, accompanied with translation into Dutch.


juli 22

The parishioners congratulated Fr Alexander with his birthday (July 16).


July 29

July 29 to August 5, the annual Orthodox Summer Camp was held Wolfskuil camp in The Netherlands. This event is traditionally organized by the Orthodox Youth Fellowships in The Netherlands (OJN) and Belgium (OJB-JOB). The pastoral team consisted of Fr. Alexander Yavarouski, Fr. Hildo Bos (Amsterdam) and Deacon Dimitry Yatsun (Antwerp).

August 12

Wedding of Rolan and Ekaterina.


September 12

On September the 12th, there was the Ph.D. defence of deacon Victor Yudin in Universite catholique de Louvain. His studies focused upon St Augustine’s interpretation of the central section in Plato’s Timaeus (41ab), within the scope of Plato’s polemics against the Neo-Platonists. The general conclusion is the following: while Tim 41ab exegesis by St Augustine is unique and insightful, it is more a projection of the Christian ideas upon real Plato.

November 12


December 1-6

parish trip to Maldon, UK. More info...

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