Chronicle - 2005

January 16

Priest Alexander Yavarussky gave the lecture: "Symbolism of the Priest's Vestments".

January 30

Deacon Alexandre Kurjatkin gave the lecture: "The Use of Prosforas in the Service".

February 6

Victor Yudin gave the lecture: "The Creed: its history and present usage."

Februari 20

Bert Genbrugge gave the lecture: "Weekends of the Orthodox Youth in Belgium".

March 13

Priest-monk Alexander Sinyakov (Paris-Brussels) gave the lecture: "Church Fathers on Adam's expulsion from Paradise".

March 20

Victor Yudin gave the lecture (with a slide show): "Sunday of Orthodoxy"..

March 27

Sasha Bakker (Amsterdam) gave the lecture: "Organising Orthodox children summer camps".

April 3

Priest Alexander Yavarussky gave the lecture: "Sacrament of the Annointing of the sick".

April 10

Francoise Wittig gave the lecture: "Living the Orthodox Family".

May 1


August 21

Judith Hermans gave the lecture: "Teaching Orthodoxy in Belgian schools".

August 28

Pilgrimage to Gistel

On August 28, celebrating the day of Assumption of Our Lady, the parishioners of our church have made a pilgrimage to Gistel. This city is remarkable since there are the relics of St. Martyr Godeliva (+1070) there.

Brother Bert has guided us inside and around the church, in which the relics are kept. The moleben has been officiated by F. Alexander Yavarousky. Also, the parishioners have visited the Roman-Catholic nunnery situated near the Gistel at the place of the martyr death of St. Godeliva.

Saint martyr Godeliva, pray for us!

September 11

After the Divine Liturgy, movie "Miracles in the Orthodox Church" was shown at the parish canteen.

October 10

This day, Fr. Alexander Yavarussky served the Proskomedeia right at the vestibule and explained the features of this rite.

October 16

Victor Yudin gave the lecture: "The Divine Liturgy: Liturgy of catechumens".

October 22


On October 22, a large group of our parishioners has visited the exhibition "Russia. From Tsar to Emperor" at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. The exhibition has been organized withing the " Europalia-2005" project, which is devoted to the Russia and Russian culture. The exhibition presents unique icons and carved sculptures, liturgical objects, portraits, and other goods of the time before and after Peter the Great. There were a lively discussion and different opinions among us about this visit but, in general, we liked this exhibition.

November 5

Parish feast

Apostel en Evangelist Mattheos. Russische ikoon van de 15de eeuw.The patron saint's day (St Apostle and Evangelist Matthew) was celebrated in our parish on Saturday, November 5th. The festal Divine Liturgy was headed by Vladyka Simon, Archbishop of Brussels and Belgium. He was assisted by priest Alexander Yavarouski and First deacon Alexandre Kurjatkin – the clergy of our church, as well as by clergymen from other orthodox parishes in Belgium and The Netherlands. A lot of guests were also between the congregation and combined choir; the latter rejoiced us with an angel-like singing. The divine service was passed as in one go.

After the service, Vladyka Simon greeted the believers and especially noted great efforts of the parishioners, who had changed this almost empty building into the good-looking Orthodox church. The most distinguished members of the parish have got special diplomas from the hands of Vladyka. These were warden Luc Osseel, secretary Paul Ivanov, psalm- reader Victor Yudin, choir leader Judith Hermans, chorister Pieter Delacourt, chorister Bert Genbrugge, chief of the parish canteen Olga Kas'yanenkova, and parishioner Nikolai Sokolov. Due to the great efforts in glorificarion of the Holy Orhodox Church, Vladyka has also awarded Victor Yudin with a stole, and F. Alexander Yavarouski – with a pectoral cross. Father Alexander had an answer speech. He warmly thanked Vladyko who always had a paternal care to the needs of our parish.

The festival was finished with a holiday lunch, at which all congregation could supplement the spiritual gladness with a support of the corporeal strength. This was due to large efforts of our women, who prepared a lot of delicious food.

November 23

Priest Dominique Verbeke (Gent) gave the lecture: "The Divine Liturgy: Liturgy of believers".

December 11

P.Eggermont (Amsterdam) gave the lecture: "Een bloedige Pasen" – Introduction of the book and its Dutch translation.

December 18

The New Year's tree for children

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